Aspect's | Nasha Zaar's Staff Application


Full Roleplay Name: Jedi Padawan Nasha Zaar | CT-1051 CPL Aspect

Discord Username: Vizzz#9465

Age: 14

Hours Played: 2w 13h 10m

Timezone: PST


How long have you been playing Garry’s Mod?: I have been playing Gmod for at least four years now and have accumulated over almost 6000 hours. It is still one of my favorite games to play.

Do you have any past applicable experience in a position of moderation?: Yes, on multiple servers starting with Imperium Gaming City RP as a Moderator. Moving to another small community Holonet Gaming CWRP as a high-ranking staff member and then lastly on Superior Servers CWRP as a Moderator.

Are you capable of handling tough situations under pressure?: Yes, my experience from my positions has allowed me to harness this skill and grow. But I always have room to improve.

Do you coordinate well with others?: Of course, that’s what these servers are all about, good communication. It is a very important thing between people and a staff team. It that is something that I can do well.

Why do you want to become an Everfall Moderator?: I feel that this server still has a lot of potential and I would love to help out more. I have been playing for a while now and I see new faces all of the time. This community is growing and I would love to help out as much as I can.

Why should we give you a position on the Everfall staff team?: My previous experience gives you a small picture of what I can do. Putting experience aside I always cherish the chance when I can get more involved and learn. This community is full of opportunity, which is something I would wish to help grow and learn from. In the end, I believe that I would fill this position with plenty of room to grow.

Have you been previously reported or punished for infringing on our guidelines?: I do not belive so.

Do you have any experience with our moderation system, SAM?: No, but I’m able to adapt and learn.


Several players are randomly shooting at each other for fun in a semi-frequented area. What would you do?: Letting them all know in DMs to watch their fire and only shoot people in designated areas would of course be my first step. If there were different circumstances I would originally freeze them all and tell them to stop otherwise you would be banned for mass but since this server is still growing, I would go easier on them to try and keep the player base going. There can be no server without a player base.

Two players are engaged in a meaningless heated argument. What would you do?: I would try to step in as the middleman and try to defuse the situation. If the argument was to continue I would warn them to stop but in all reality, it should more be an in-game MP issue unless it gets heated enough. That being said, if the MP could not handle it as a last result I would mute both parties.

You notice a group of players actively disrupting an event via disobeying orders and shooting other players. What would you do?: This is on my list of one of the worst things you could do as a player. If these individuals started to open fire on others they would all be frozen and dealt with accordingly. I do not tolerate interruptions of events, it is unkind to everyone.

You are discussing with a high-ranking staff member why you believe they gave a player an incorrect punishment. You’re confident that they did, however, they believe you are simply mistaken. How would you deal with this situation?: If this were the case, I would go around them to the next highest staff member available and get their opinion on the matter. I would not get in an argument over a thing like this.

The server is mostly empty, primarily consisting of you and your squadmates. They beg you to provide them with a small simulation, some ships to fly around in, and a few big guns to mess around with. What would you do?: As a Moderator my abilities are somewhat limited, but I would still try my best to give them something to do within reason. Such as give them some V-Wings to go against some Vultures. (This Example is obviously very specific.) But to avoid some possible major issues. I wouldn’t disconnect until either they had to go or I had to. But I would never leave them alone with anything that I give them.

Are you able and willing to help gms with their operations, as an actor or junior GM?:
As I have said before. Yes of course the GMs are a vital asset to the team. I would be honored to help.

I understand this is my second time applying for a staff position and I thank you for allowing me to have another opportunity.

Please use !time to find out your exact time, I’m sure it’s more than 4 haha.

You also forgot to answer one of the questions that are present on the template ( i think you wrote this before the template change occurred?)
Are you able and willing to help gms with their operations, as an actor or junior GM?:

Your assumption is correct. As for the question I have missed, I have edited my original post to include this. As for my time, my current situation may prevent me for a bit to gather my exact time. But I will try my best to get it.

Aspect has been here for quite a while now and due to this I feel that he knows the playerbase well and has good relations with them. Since his last application I believe he has grown significantly and has worked on the issues that were discussed before. Of course the only way to know that for sure is to see how he handles the position. +1

I think Aspect has grown since his last application and is putting a lot of work into the server, can get heated at times if he can keep a lid on it I see no problems. As being your CO I will remain neutral on this.

I agree with hydrox’s comment so let’s see what you can do +1

I got nothing much more to add, its a


from me!!!