Bishop's Gamemaster Application


Full Roleplay Name: CT-4142 CPL Bishop

Discord Username: Mr.Duck#5788

Age: 17

Hours Played: 1 day 2 hours of total playtime on the server

Time Zone: UTC-3:30


How long have you been playing Garry’s Mod?: I’ve been playing for 1,550 hours in total over a span of 6-7 years

Do you have any past applicable experience as a Gamemaster or a similar position?: Yes, I’ve been a gm on a few servers in the past including RedWood Gaming, Null CWRP, Null ImperialRP, Volus Networks, and a few others I don’t remember the name of.

Do you have any past applicable experience in writing in-depth and exciting stories?: Yes, Ive been a gm before and put care into my events and I’ve been writing a dnd world setting for a few friends.

What do you think is the most common mistake to make when running an event?: I think the most common mistakes are when you have two or more groups of players you fixate on one group and not pay that much attention to others and the players in the other group don’t end up enjoying the event and end up being bored. Spamming certain enemies is also a mistake that can lead to the player base feeling annoyed and incomplete from winning conflicts.

What was the biggest mistake you have seen a Gamemaster make and how would you fix it?: I can’t really pin-point one mistake but I know that the spamming of NPCs is not a good thing as well as making an event too short so that the player base doesn’t get enough fulfillment out of it and are left wanting more.

Are you capable of adapting to and handling an event that does not go as planned?: Indeed, I’ve had to do so many times before when I GM’ed on other servers in the past

Are you familiar with Garry’s Mod’s default tools and mechanics?: Yes

Do you prefer to work alone or coordinate with others? Why?: I prefer working with others, preferably other people that I already know and have an understanding of how they do things but I’m not against working with new people who bring new ideas to the table to create an even better event for the player base.

Why do you want to become an Everfall Gamemaster? I’m noticing a lack of gamemasters currently and I think I could be a good asset to the team

Why should we give you a position on the Everfall staff team?: Currently the server does not have enough gamemasters to have regular events and that’s causing the server the have less population.

Have you been previously reported or punished for infringing on our guidelines?: No

Do you have any past experience with our moderation system, SAM?: No, I have never heard of it

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You will be a Trial GM until your first event.

Contact me when available.