Dean's Moderator Application

Full Roleplay Name: CT-9746 SPC Dean Domino
Discord Username: EnclaveAuthority#3928
Age: 19
Hours played: I think around 30
Timezone: EST also known as New York

How long have you played Gmod: 95 hours on steam
Any past experience in moderation: No
Can you handle tough situations under pressure: Yes
Do you coordinate well with others: Yes
Why do you want to become a moderator: I know that if I were given this position that I would be able to help people more efficiently and give players ample opportunity to have good, balanced fun.
Why should you give me the position of moderator: Rules are pretty cut and dry in most scenarios but there is an amount of flexibility that has to be used sometimes. I believe that I can adapt to those situations.
Have you been previously reported or punished for infringing on our guidelines: No
Any experience with our moderation system known as SAM: No

I’m just gonna go down the list of scenarios on the template and number them in order of appearance.
1.) If there is no event or operation going on at the time and there are no people in that area, they have the go ahead from me to do so, unless instructed otherwise by a higher up.
2.) Tell them to knock it off. If they continue after a verbal warning I assume there is a mute feature to deal with them.
3.) Warning and then if they continue ban.
4.) Present the evidence I have in a clear and concise way. If they still do not believe me and it was serious enough, then I would take my evidence to another senior member but if it wasn’t really anything too big I would simply drop the matter.
5.) I would give them the weapons/vehicles they requested WITHIN REASON. I would not log off while they still have the equipment/ while the sim was going on.

Thank you for considering my application and I eagerly await my results.


The application now in full staff review, sorry for the wait.

Personally, I am thrilled to see new staff popping up for us, we were not very clear (which will be fixed with the template soon) but would you be able/willing to help out with events as an assistant if needed? This would happen fairly often.

Outside of that needing to be cleared up and maybe a concern for playtime I am more than happy to see fellow staff input!

+0, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you speak once. If you have a microphone it is absolutely essential for that to be used in game, very often. I’d like to see some verbal interaction with the community, which is necessary for our staff members.

My apologies, I have a mic, but I simply don’t like using it most of the time which can easily be fixed. This is due to the fact that people in my house don’t understand that I’m talking to people over the internet and not them so they try and start a conversation with me. I will use my microphone more often by just moving to a different room.
Thanks for the reply,

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I would definitely be willing to help with events every so often if required. It usually involves spawning in enemies, setting up spawn points and controlling music correct? If so I think that would be easy to accomplish so long as I have a brief tutorial on the matter.
Thanks for the reply,

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+1 from me I have seen Dean playing more often and seen heard him speak a fair amount. I think he would be a good addition to the team and worth a trial at least. I’ve never seen anything that would make me think he would be a bad fit for the role which is a plus.

Thanks for the positive endorsement, it really means a lot to hear good things from you.
Thanks for the reply,

As long as you assist in 1-2 events per week (per request by gm) I see no reason not to give you my endorsement. You can be silly at times and quirky but you sober up very fast when it is needed and I have no doubt you would act your role as a moderator.

Don’t let me down ;D


Sorry for the late reply, but personally knowing you, I think you’d be a great addition to the team, yes you can be silly at times but who isn’t. I know when you have something to do, you will do it and with an exceptional job.

+1 from me

I could certainly assist with events if needed, I just need to learn the proper way to help efficiently and I’m sure to be a boon instead of a burden.
Thanks for the reply,

Thanks for your endorsement, I greatly appreciate hearing it from you. I won’t let you down.
Thanks for the reply,

Well, it seems that everyone is more than happy with your app, and your responses are very satisfactory.

Welcome to the staff team! Contact me at your earliest convenience.


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