Ethan's Gamemaster Application


Full Roleplay Name: CT-2222 SPC Ethan

Discord Username: Et#0512

Age: 22

Hours Played: ~43

Time Zone: BST/GMT


How long have you been playing Garry’s Mod?: 700 Hours over 9 years

Do you have any past applicable experience as a Gamemaster or a similar position?: I have zues’d and help run missions in arma 3 which I have ~2500 hrs in. I also was an admin on a darkrp server quite a few years ago which the name of has left my brain.

Do you have any past applicable experience in writing in-depth and exciting stories?: I don’t have a great deal of writing stories but I have a lot of experience in roleplaying in different games such as gmod and arma, I believe this would be a great strength in the creation of stories as in these situations I would have to come up with a story on the fly in which I would have to adapt to everchanging scenarios around me. I would love to combine these skills with some writing on missions before events to make some very fun situations for players to be involved in.

What do you think is the most common mistake to make when running an event?: Failing to give variety of tasks. I feel quite often missions boil down to move to x, clear x, rinse and repeat. I would like to mix up the tasks of missions from hostage rescue, escorting VIPs and other smash and grab missions in which the aim is to complete the objective and exfil, Not clear everything off the map.

What was the biggest mistake you have seen a Gamemaster make and how would you fix it?: I would say not seeing how players feel with how a mission is going. I feel this could be fixed by getting in contact with the command elements on the ground over the course of the mission to see how morale is and let them input on what they would want to happen as they are the ones playing at that moment which could lead to events not stagnating as much.

Are you capable of adapting to and handling an event that does not go as planned?: In my opinion events that go off plan are some of the best. If players are roleplaying the situation that I thought would go differently it allows me to get creative and play into what they expect out of a mission rather then myself trying to get them to do exactly what I might have wanted them to do which most likely would lead to the event being less enjoyable for the players.

Are you familiar with Garry’s Mod’s default tools and mechanics?: I used to be quite comfortable with it but I could do with some catching back up.

Do you prefer to work alone or coordinate with others? Why?: I prefer to work with others as I believe that it allows more to be done to keep continuous stuff going but I am also more then happy to work alone when needed.

Why do you want to become an Everfall Gamemaster? I would like to see the community grow and I can see the staff are trying to push a lot of good content for the server. I believe that I could help run more EU timed events for which there is quite a deficit of atm to help grow the community.

Why should we give you a position on the Everfall staff team?: Again I believe I could help push the server in EU times. I am also a trustworthy individual and I assure you I won’t abuse any of the power given to me.

Have you been previously reported or punished for infringing on our guidelines?: Negative

Do you have any past experience with our moderation system, SAM?: Negative

Well, lets start this off with. Happy to see you went through with your app!

  • I find zeus experience often trumps gmod experience thanks to how our server operates. And using more distance for events like in arma is always a phenomenal route.

  • Seeing your approach to failure and what you find makes events poor already looks like things I would say myself and would hope most gms would agree on. Touching on those before even starting is a good way to lead your way in.

I think my answer is obvious!

2/10 eh

+1 from me lol

+1 From Me

I got no questions, agree with @Frequency

Look forward to potentially working with you

After talking to some staff during a small meeting, we decided to not have the extra work of all leaving feedback as you were positively received by everyone.

Congratulations, you are Accepted! You will receive your roles and instructions soon.