Gordan's Application for Gamemaster


Full Roleplay Name: CT-1956 SGT Gordan

Discord Username: Gordan#0631

Age: 18

Hours Played: 3d 16h

Time Zone: CST


How long have you been playing Garry’s Mod?:1859 hours in gmod mostly in Star Wars RP

Do you have any past applicable experience as a Gamemaster or a similar position?: I have been a Gamemaster on several servers

Do you have any past applicable experience in writing in-depth and exciting stories?: I have been writing stories for several years now mostly in the form of D&D campaigns

What do you think is the most common mistake to make when running an event?: Making the event feel more GM VS Player not Republic Vs CIS

What was the biggest mistake you have seen a Gamemaster make and how would you fix it?: spawning large swarms of droids directly on top of players. I would fix it by attempting to limit my placement to farther distances or use things to block player vision if there isn’t enough room

Are you capable of adapting to and handling an event that does not go as planned?: I feel that I can handle it

Are you familiar with Garry’s Mod’s default tools and mechanics?: I don’t use them often but I know how most of them work

Do you prefer to work alone or coordinate with others? Why?: I like to work with others mostly but Often work alone

Why do you want to become an Everfall Gamemaster? I love the community and the stories that are being made and I want to be able to tell my own story with everyone

Why should we give you a position on the Everfall staff team?: I have been observing the Staff and feel I would work well with them and am willing to learn from them all

Have you been previously reported or punished for infringing on our guidelines?: no

Do you have any past experience with our moderation system, SAM?: I have some experience with it

Your application is now under review.

The application is simple but satisfying. Across the board, all answers resemble something I would have said myself. Nothing fancy, but also nothing wrong. Which puts you in a great position to start and learn as far as I go.


Accepted, contact me on discord at your earliest convenience.