Hydrox's Gamemaster Application


Full Roleplay Name: CT-4756 CPL Hydrocks

Discord Username: Hydrox#7645

Age: 16

Hours Played: I’ve played 91 hours on the server since I joined about a month ago.

Time Zone: PST/PDT


How long have you been playing Garry’s Mod?: I have roughly 1600 hours and have been playing for 3 years.

Do you have any past applicable experience as a Gamemaster or a similar position?: I do, but I wouldn’t count it as anything substantial. I applied and was accepted for a GM position on Warden Networks shortly before they closed. In that time I learned how to use some basic spawning tools. If at all possible I would still like to be taught as though I know nothing as this servers tools are a bit different compared to theirs.

Do you have any past applicable experience in writing in-depth and exciting stories?: No, the few events I did as a GM were short and didn’t have much structure. That is something I work to improve on if I am accepted for this position.

What do you think is the most common mistake to make when running an event?: From the perspective of a player most events run pretty well in my eyes. However if I were to point something out it would definitely be the lack of variety in droids that I see. Occasionally you’ll see Commandos, Droidekas, BS’s, and the like. However it is a rarity and most commonly hordes of B1’s are all that I see. I understand that they are the most common unit but a little variety never hurt anyone. No offense to the GM team but if I am accepted I will make that a major priority in the events that I run.

What was the biggest mistake you have seen a Gamemaster make and how would you fix it?: Now this isn’t a problem I see too often on this server, more just a problem in general. I’ve seen a lot of GM’s on other servers outright deny the playerbase to change the course of their events. To me I think that the actions of the players should have real effects onto how the events play out. If I were to be accepted I would look for certain objectives that would need to be completed for the event to run 100% perfectly. These objectives wouldn’t necessarily be informed to the players from the beginning but as time progresses and more objectives are found inferences could be made to the ulterior motives of some events before they happen. This would ultimately help the players as the event would become slightly easier or there would be more reward after the fact, though that would depend on what they actually did.

Are you capable of adapting to and handling an event that does not go as planned?: Yes, most definitely. As a member of the community that has been on the ground multiple times I like seeing the branching paths that events could take depending on what objectives we take and when along with how successful we are at doing so. I understand that sometimes these types of events are difficult to pull off but in my eyes they’re more than worth it. If I am accepted I would like to incorporate branching paths into my events as there is no reason in my eyes to hold the players back when it comes to designing their own strategies.

Are you familiar with Garry’s Mod’s default tools and mechanics?: Somewhat, I’d be lying if I said I was an expert though.

Do you prefer to work alone or coordinate with others? Why?: In the beginning I would love to work with as many other GM’s as possible to learn how they style their events and what strategies they employ when placing down objectives and droids. However, when I do eventually get better I think I would prefer doing events alone to challenge myself and micromanage everything to improve even more.

Why do you want to become an Everfall Gamemaster? I noticed in the last community meeting that this server is a lot more friendly towards newer people or veterans of starwarsrp who want to try thing from a different perspective. In my honest opinion I’ve never seen another server do that before which Is why I want to be a part of the team that makes that possible for people.

Why should we give you a position on the Everfall staff team?: Another thing I noticed in the last community meeting is the total lack of people currently on the GM team, as far as I can tell there are really only a couple active GMs that are doing events. I’d like to change that, given the opportunity of course. I don’t intend to be the best GM you’ve ever seen off the bat but I do want to improve which I hope will be reason enough.

Have you been previously reported or punished for infringing on our guidelines?: Not that I’m aware of.

Do you have any past experience with our moderation system, SAM?: No.

Your application is now under review.

Honest, in-depth and no one besides me will read all of this.


Accepted, contact me on discord at your earliest convenience.