Jim, Jiggler of Jugs' Staff Application


Full Roleplay Name:
CT-0150 MSGT Jim Jiggles
Discord Username:
Hours Played:


How long have you been playing Garry’s Mod?:
I’ve been playing Garry’s Mod since 2016, 5 years
Do you have any past applicable experience in a position of moderation?:
I have been super admin on a Small Dark RP server, Moderator on a large Dark RP server, and a Gamemaster for a short period of time on a Star Wars RP server.
Are you capable of handling tough situations under pressure?:
Yes, I am capable and still improving as the days come by.
Do you coordinate well with others?:
Yes, I have helped Canadian with events, I have field marshalled, and I have done training relating to coordination with team members.
Why do you want to become an Everfall Moderator?:
So that I can help gamemasters with their events, so I can ensure there are less minges, and to help members of the community if they need it.
Why should we give you a position on the Everfall staff team?:
Because I have already shown that I can help the server when it comes to building duplications when requested, I have shown that I am willing to learn programs such as Hammer and Hammer 2 in order to provide support for the future of the server, and I have created passive events and supported others during their events.
Have you been previously reported or punished for infringing on our guidelines?:
Do you have any past experience with our moderation system, SAM?:
I do not believe that I do have any experience with SAM, however I would need to see the system rather than hear the name of it in order to know if I truly have used it before.


Several players are randomly shooting at each other for fun in a semi-frequented area. What would you do?:
I would ask them to move it to the PVP Citadel or Auxilary Citadel so that they can have their fun if they’d like however it does not interfere with those who enjoy roleplaying more seriously.
Two players are engaged in a meaningless heated argument. What would you do?:
I would tell them to stop, as it has no meaning and changes nothing whether one or the other is right. If they continue they can get muted or gagged for a short period of time until they are calmed down.
You notice a group of players actively disrupting an event via disobeying orders and shooting other players. What would you do?:
I would first warn them via PMing them that they should listen to their orders and to not shoot other friendly players. If they continue shooting other players then I will give them a legitament warning, if it continues even after the warning then I will kick or ban them depending on the severity of their crimes.
You are having a discussion with a high-ranking staff member about why you believe they gave a player an incorrect punishment. You’re confident that they did, however they believe you are simply mistaken. How would you deal with this situation?:
If the incorrect punishment is not too serious then I would drop it. If it is serious then I would bring it up with another higher ranking staff member and ask if they agree with my side of the discussion. If they do agree with my point of view then I will bring it back up one last time with the original high-ranking staff member and also explain that the second high-ranking staff member agrees.
The server is mostly empty, primarily consisting of you and your squadmates. They beg you to provide them with a small simulation, some ships to fly around in, and a few big guns to mess around with. What would you do?:
I would gladly do most of these as long as they do not break the server and as long as they do not mess with any people who do not want to participate in the simulation or whatever I am spawning in.