Quin's Gamemaster application


Full Roleplay Name: CT-7707 Quin

Discord Username: Quin

Age: 24

Hours Played: 67

Time Zone: EST


How long have you been playing Garry’s Mod?: a few months

Do you have any past applicable experience as a Gamemaster or a similar position?: In ARMA and some tabletop rpg’s but never Garry’s Mod

Do you have any past applicable experience in writing in-depth and exciting stories?: Just some cooperative story telling on some forums in the past

What do you think is the most common mistake to make when running an event?: too much combat focus, not enough story

What was the biggest mistake you have seen a Gamemaster make and how would you fix it?: endless b1 or bx spam, try to vary the types of encounters as well as the situations the players would find themselves in.

Are you capable of adapting to and handling an event that does not go as planned?: Yes as that’s the basis needed for any good gm in any kind of game

Are you familiar with Garry’s Mod’s default tools and mechanics?: minimally

Do you prefer to work alone or coordinate with others? Why?: Comfortable with either especially in settings where I am less experienced.

Why do you want to become an Everfall Gamemaster? I just generally enjoy making stuff for others to have fun with, as well as the fact that there’s a shortage at the moment

Why should we give you a position on the Everfall staff team?: I probably don’t deserve it as a less experienced player but I’ll do what I can to produce entertaining content for the community.

Have you been previously reported or punished for infringing on our guidelines?: no

Do you have any past experience with our moderation system, SAM?: no

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When it came to the question about:

You didn’t state why you are capable of being in that situation. Also…

Your answer shouldn’t be about the fact we are short-staffed, that doesn’t matter, the question is fully about you being a part of the team and what do you think you can bring to the table.

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You will be a Trial GM until your first event.

Contact me when available.