Rules and Guidelines


Everfall’s goal is to be a friendly and inviting community where anyone is welcome in addition to providing a platform where players do not feel their actions are limited or restricted. However, we must put these guidelines in place in order to keep the community healthy, operational, and under control. Please read these guidelines thoroughly and refer back to them if or when you feel it is necessary. If you are caught infringing upon our guidelines, you will receive an immediate and appropriate punishment based on the severity of the infringement.


These guidelines apply to Everfall’s game server(s), forums, and VoIP server(s).

  1. No racism, bigotry, controversial prejudice, etc.
  2. No sexism, homophobia, discrimination, disrespect, hate-speech, etc.
  3. No flaming, harassing, stalking, ‘doxing’, or impersonation.
  4. No political, religious, controversial, sensitive, disturbing, or not-safe-for-work (NSFW) topics.
  5. No discussion based around the idea of exploiting, cheating, hacking, or distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.
  6. Use common sense.
  • If you have to think twice about something you are about to do, you probably should not do it.

Why are there so few guidelines?

  • We expect you already know the basic rules of any Garry’s Mod community.
  • We are not a community that ‘holds your hand’.
  • Common sense is a powerful tool and in fact our most important guideline.

If you feel these guidelines are limiting, restricting, unfair, or inappropriate in any way, please contact a Senior Administrator or above for adequate changes.