The 9th Relief Corps

Recently a discussion was brought up regarding the 9th’s place and role on the server. Ever since the MedTech was added, their role has been reduced to dedicated medical RP essentially, with the ability to place a shield generator.

The current running solution is to disband the 9th Relief Corps, and replace them with an EOD/Explosives Based unit, most likely with the numbers 53rd and 54th.

Lemme know your thoughts.

EOD Sounds nice to me and as much as 9th has been nice as a medical battalion, I understand that it is not the most enticing to most people. Whereas I think most people can agree explosives and bomb defusal seem much more interesting.

I believe that the 9th shouldn’t be disbanded but be given a much more in-depth medical roleplay rather than just using your defibs on someone. There are a lot of people that enjoy that aspect of SWRP, including myself. Without Medical RP I believe that there’d be a huge hole in the server. Overall, a medical rp battalion is worth exploring.

So this situation is kind of complicated. In the very beginning, we had the Field Medic role, and they needed to be trained by a medical trainer to be given access. With this, they were taught how to do med RP and use their equipment. They were then given the med discord to increase the RP aspect, and give them a bunch more RP opportunities. Then field medic was removed and given to 9th, but then 9th activity was really poor and the whole thing just died, and then when we brought med-tech back, we never re-established that because we were still in the free basic loadout period. The plan is to return back to the original way with a new Medical trainer since Voidy would be doing EOD/Slicing training.

Instead of outright removing the 9th I suppose that you could expand on the ‘Combat Search & Rescue’ aspect.

Giving the battalion the duty of locating and extracting injured soldiers is (from my experience) really fun and leads to good roleplay. The battalion would then be trained on: pararescue, basic medical training, piloting small transport ships, (parachutes?).

The only problem I see with that is that players only stay dead for 10 seconds max, so there’s not much of that kind of recovery on this server. We want to give people more action without having others sit there and be dead on the ground doing nothing.

That’s fair, I do think that EOD would actually work if you choose that option.

Further context would be important, 9th also was considering being a more light assault focused regiment with their speciality based in Artillery, EOD or AT.

Roles that can easily get filled and be fun, but it would leave a massive vacancy. We want to really see where people stand with this post and if they would join 9th if they changed their role or if it’s a fundamental issue with the way it is ran.

I for one used to run a regiment of 74 people, with a focus on assault and medical RP. To this date I have kept those medical RP notes, Rangers have an entire page dedicated to medical RP in our handbook.

Ideally, I would prefer to keep the medics around, there will always be a stage for it. But we need to find out what the community would rather see at this stage. As medics can be formed like pilots across regiments, tied by cert and not color.


I would like to agree with your last paragraph. I’ve always seen medics more fit for being a role within every regiment. Purely my opinion now holds that a regiment for medics just doesn’t work as that’s why I wanted the 9th Medical Corps to step down into Relief Corps, we didn’t feel like a regiment and I couldn’t say anything like 9th on me as we were always needed across the whole team.

As I’ve said I believe regimental medics would fair better with the Medtech class, especially since they’re receiving more and again it’d be locked behind a cert which I have stated I am still down to do as head med.

Plus another statement as 9th Relief Corps we have always had the notion of as we are specialists in being combat medics we get first dibs on medical RP, we still trained for medical RP, it’s not that there wasn’t any. It’s that it is hard to do in an event where there are 19 people who want to shoot guns and 1 person wanting to do MedRP with only 1 GM. It is hard.

That’s why I believe it’d be best to move into a regiment that is specialised into something else like EOD or Assault or whatever as there can still be medics, we still would have a medical discord to train with, do RP and there would still be medic training and cert training every now and then.

I don’t feel as if losing 9th will be in any way a loss. I think personally it can only be good, for Everfall, for the community, for the regiment and for myself.

I’ve run many regiments in my time of SWRP and I’ve always found having medical as a separate thing that people can get started for or trained separately within their own regiment is nice, it works better since everyone can still stay within their regiments in events and training. Plus doing this training for medical actually brings the community a bit closer together and there still will be the crossover for other regiments since formed training everyone from any regiment will be pulled together where they can RP together and it’d be nice.

Plus what Jelly says is true, most people just want to be in action and get as many kills or see as much action or get as much loot as they can. People don’t wanna stay dead for too long, there are some that will and it is appreciated.

I hope people can see where I am coming from.


i agree with having a whole medical regiment can be a pain for other squads for the fact of if no from that regiment is on then it’s a long run back to the front line i support the change to be coming a light assault/ artillery’s regiment for the fact of i like destruction and it would help out in tight area where there is a clump of enemies but with the 9th no longer controlling the med bay who will be in charge of medics and training medics?

The medics would be in charge of the medbay and whoever the head medic trainer would be in charge of training the medics. It’s essentially the same as what we already had but its like having 9th spread across all the regiments

so the 9th would change to a side regiment or will it change to a whole different regiment

It would cease to exist, and a new one would be opened up.

So the current idea is to become a different regiment we would still have access to all the roles such as heavy and medtech and whatnot. So you can still be a medic if ya want to the focuses on medic rp but the regiment we would have would have a different specialisation if that makes sense.